Pencil Cases

Stop looking for that pencil case that will fit all those pencils and textas, identiKid have it! Introducing our new and improved range of big, vibrant and on trend pencil case. Look stylish on its own or why not ramp things up and match it with our funky new range of backpacks.

Available in identiKid’s new vibrant colour range of navy, cyan, purple and hot pink. Simply pick a colour and match it with your kiddie’s favourite new range of designs and Ta Da! One happy child, coming right up!

Features & Sizing:

• Durable neoprene
• Patterned lining
• Brown suede bottom
• Approx. 23cm high x 32cm wide



Back Pack


Not to scale.
Size and layout will be approved before printing.
  • Ginger Meggs
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