Vinyls - Mini

Our range of mini vinyl labels are made from the same industrial grade high quality and comfortable vinyl only they are smaller for those hard to label items.

Available in the same vibrant range of colours as a large vinyl label making them instantly recognisable for easy identification. Spunk these labels up and add a pic and a font that suits your kiddies personality!
Perfect for daycare, kindy, school, school camps, boarding school, family holidays, work and nursing homes.

Use them on anything you cannot afford to replace!

  • Approx. 50mm x 16mm
  • Microwave, dishwasher safe & UV protected
  • Extremely durable & scratch resistant
  • Available in a vast array of vibrant colours, fonts & pics
  • 60 labels per standard pack


Preview Text

0000 0000

Not to scale.
Size and layout will be approved before printing.
  • Ginger Meggs
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