Colour My World Pack
The ‘Colour My World’ pack is identiKid’s number one seller and it is not hard to see why! ‘Colour My World’ pack is a great value for money labelling pack to get your kiddies started for their new adventure, whether it be daycare, preschool, kindy and school.

This pack has a huge range of vibrant colour options to have your littlies stand out from the crowd and easily identify their belongings.

‘Colour My World’ pack includes:
  • 40 large vinyls
  • 30 mini vinyl labels OR pencil labels
  • 40 coloured PERMANENT iron ons
  • 10 shoe dots + covers
  • 1 identiTAG

The same name, font, picture and details throughout the ‘Colour My World’ pack of labels.

Rainbow A, Rainbow B or individual colour selection is required.

You simply design the vinyl label; name, phone number (optional), picture & colour. We then carry this design through to all other labels included in this pack. Phone number NOT included on pencil labels.



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Not to scale.
Size and layout will be approved before printing.
  • Ginger Meggs
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