Address Labels

Are you someone that sends out mail, whether it be birthday cards, wedding/party invitations, thank you notes, letters to family and friends and/or notification of upcoming events, identiKid’s personalised address labels are a perfect way to ensure important mail is returned to sender if lost.
Use at home, at the office or just for fun!

Our address labels are made of high quality transparent vinyl, making the coloured text pop!
You can print up to four lines of text in various styles and vibrant colours and why not add a personalised pic to add a hint of fun to your mail.

  • 50mm x 20mm
  • Made from high quality transparent vinyl
  • Idea for home, office or just for fun!
  • Vast array of vibrant colours, text and pics to choose from 
  • Available in packs of 60, 100 & 200


Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

Not to scale.
Size and layout will be approved before printing.
  • Ginger Meggs