About identiKid

Let identikid name labels and kids personalised school gear make 'back to school' fun & easy.

identKid is a family owned and operated business that have been selling name labels to mum's, dad's, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends for well over 15 years. Our repeat business is our best asset....Using the best quality materials available to deliver the best products!

Our sticky name labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, pencil labels make labelling simple & fun. Put their name and design of choice on a pencil case, back pack, library bag, mesh sports bag so there will be no more lost property!

Check out our value for money labelling packs! They will take the stress out of getting organised with a variety of products to cover labelling 'everything' - Check out our 'Colour My World Pack'.... your one stop labelling pack, our most popular item!

Whether it be.... first day of daycare, preschool, kindy, high school or moving into a nursing home........WE HAVE IT ALL!

Want to get a bit more personal?

My name is Deanna, yet most only know me by ‘Dee’.

I am 30 something years old and a mother to two lovely girls. My third child’s name is also my beautiful husband ‘Wal’. Wal happens to wear many hats; husband, father, mechanic, business partner and label cutter extraordinaire. 

Wal and I were both born and raised in the beautiful small country town of Lake Cargelligo NSW. If you’re reading this and have never been to ‘Lake’ as we call it, do yourself a favour!!! It has the best body of water in the country (in my opinion). And while you’re at it, stop off at Fisho’s Hot Bake for the best pies & sausage rolls!!! 

I moved to Wagga Wagga NSW to follow in my mother’s footsteps and study nursing. I worked as a registered nurse, doing shift work while raising the girls. The job gave me mixed emotions, hauling the girls from their beds at the crack of dawn, often the first parent at the door of the daycare centre desperately waiting for them to open so I could drop the girls off and be on time for work. Some days I was the last to pick those poor little souls up! 

Here comes more mums guilt....I am sure all mums and dads have experienced this at some stage while raising their kids. Y’all will get me....

A Nursing Unit Manager job was coming up and I was somewhat being groomed to fill this position. I was acting in the position a lot, when I look back at it now my kids were unfortunately taking a back seat! But selfishly and deep down I wanted the position and I didn’t want anything to jeopardise it. But what about my girls?? I felt like I needed to start to be there for them! I do this too much but I am also a big worrier of what everyone else thinks. I would lay awake some nights worried about what people would think of me if I were to take up such a demanding position while raising two kids, but to hell with all of that...I wanted it all!

I certainly did not feel like this at the time but fortunately for me I gave a poor performance in the interview due to my struggles with anxiety and I wasn’t the successful applicant! Although relieved about it now, at the time this devastated me! I am trying to think of how else I could explain how I felt at that time but nothing else comes to mind. I was absolutely...........devastated!

For some time after that, I hated nursing! A career and a workplace I once loved and I felt I had given so much to, at the expense of my children....I felt let down and felt extremely sorry for myself. I think I went through all the emotions, I was so upset, hurt and then angry. I wanted out! I needed a change not only for my own mental health but the well-being of my family.

So if you haven’t given up reading this novel just yet, that is where identiKid started for me and my family. It was my saving grace and came along just at the right time but not without some obstacles....for what did I know about technology & how to run a business?
My family were probably starting to question my mental health at this stage! But they didn’t make those worries known god love them, they backed us 100% then and continue to today!

Google & YouTube tutorials became my new best friend and honestly I can say they still are! I learnt everything I needed to know by reading & watching! You can learn everything & anything from a YouTube tutorial, even how to start an old style Honda Whipper Snipper! 

Having identiKid allowed me to be that present mum I wanted to be for my girls but also gave me a new passion, while stimulating my mind at the same time so it was a Win Win and a Win! 

For those of you who don’t know, we are a personalised labelling business. We label everything from drink bottles, lunch boxes, pens & pencils to socks, jumpers, hats and even grandma’s undies!

We proudly ship our labels EVERYWHERE in the world. To throw in an interesting fact...one of our biggest and most loyal customer is in Kuwait! 

We are all about giving our customers a good experience. We pride ourselves in good old fashion customer service and a dam good product. Our returning customers are a reflection of this.

We are always striving for bigger and better, I am always researching and dreaming of becoming a booming business with an abundance of employees, however being a small business owner definitely has had and still has its challenges. Financial & Competition are two of our biggest obstacles, and then there is our little mate Covid 19! Competition between the large companies is so so fierce and it is tricky to squeeze little ole identiKid in between them and stand out! But we try and we will continue to try and get our product out there because we believe in it. They work! I promise you won’t regret it...our labels last and last! 

So there you have it, my life story! If you have persisted and are still reading this, I thank you!